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Penetrating today's crowded communication environment requires targeted strategic communication. Successfully reaching an audience requires customized messaging and relevant channel delivery. Talking doesn't equal communicating.


At Sodenta, we recognize that in order to educate and inform publics, you must first know why you are talking to them. What is the strategic purpose of joining in the crowded communication environment? Why does your message matter? What outcome are you hoping for from your communication?


Sodenta President, Allison Barber, has created strategic communication plans for the Department of Defense, the White House and non-profits. You must understand your audience. Where they are, how they communicate, how they like to be communicated to.


Over the past 8 years, Allison has worked to distinguish target audiences such as military members, international political leaders, niche media, mass media, military families and federal employees. In reaching diverse audiences, Allison has integrated the use of all technology; print, web, television, radio, text messaging, blogging, social networking. All tools are useful but not all are effective. Which is why it is important to invest time understanding the audience. It is imperative to deliver your message to your audience Where, When and How - Where they are, When they want it and How they want it.

There are 104 TV Channels in the average home.



Around 1.5 million blog posts are published everyday.



More than 65 million emails are sent daily.



There are about 15.5 million active blogs.



There are over 156 million websites.