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roots: telling your story

Once upon a time there was a girl from Indiana who was interested in unique challenges. She played all sports, tried a variety of experiences and ran toward every adventure. She grew up to be a school teacher and for 6 years, enjoyed the opportunity to help grade school children embrace life and learning. From there she tried her hand in the non-profit world, knowing that educating the general public about the important work of the American Red Cross would result in a positive outcome. Leveraging public relations tools and her marketing instincts, she turned a small Red Cross program into a million dollar program. After 6 years there, she was drawn to a new challenge... advertising.

Again, focused on educating the consumer, but doing it through advertising would prove to be very satisfying. But there was more to do and to find the next challenges she had to start her own business. What do you name your own company? Well, as an educator/communicator she knew it was important to have a name that projected the founding principles of the business.


On a visit back to Indiana, she asked her Grandmother for the Assyrian word that means “happy” or “glad.” Her grandmother, who was 100% Assyrian, quickly replied, “sodenta.” It was in that moment that the strategic communications company was named. Sodenta represents several principles that should be applied to communication campaigns. First, never forget your roots. Second, embrace diversity and uniqueness. Third, remember attitude matters.


Sodenta took a sabbatical, for 8 years, so the girl from Indiana could run several national award winning campaigns for the Department of Defense and the White House. It is now time to reengage and restart Sodenta.


What's next for Sodenta? Finding businesses that:

  • care about their roots
  • embrace diversity and uniqueness
  • have an attitude of possibility


Sodenta will help those companies become more successful by telling their story.